Windpower: Outdoor industry

Does it matter if we put some windturbines on the mountains? No, of course not. At least, that is the general comments from the industy itself – and those who haven’t seen the damage theese turbines do. Spend a few minutes on this video – it is 5 minutes well spent.

Norwegians love cross-country.

You are probably aware of it; Norwegians just love cross-country skiing. Some say they are born with skies on their feet, but I didn’t notice when I visited the maternity ward some time ago. Anyway, when there is a competition broadcasted, everybody stops working just to follow the race. Or are there maybee somebody who […]

MS Ørsdølen

Here is a short ride towards the quay where the boat to Ørsdalen depart. The boat is built in 1964, and takes a roundtrip from Odslanstoe to Vassboe. On board you will be told stories related to the water and the farms alongside. A visit to a abandoned farm, is also included. At Ørsdalen, you […]

MC-ride towards Tonstad

Join me on the ride! This was recorded on a tour from Helleland (E39) in Rogaland, towards Tonstad, on road 42. Blue sky, curved road and little traffic. Perfect for a good time on the wheels. The film is with variable speed, so this tour is done within minutes.

Detour towards Lauperak

If you got time, and the weather is right – why not take a detour to Lauperak? Some miles south of Stavanger, driving on E39, you will be in Berkreim community. Look out for the sign saying “Lauperak” and be prepares for a ahort hour on a country road with lots of turns. Perfect wehn […]